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What’s It Like Turning 40?

I‘ve just turned 40. 

 I thought from my youth that people in their 40’s were old.  Way back in my single, young-adult days, I would ask the forty-something’s for their best piece of advice on marriage, relationships and life.

 So as I approached 40, I did the same thing – started asking questions to those who have graced 40. “What was it like turning 40?”

Aside from some random thoughts, the most consistent answer I got was “you feel older, more mature, and more adult-like, as if someone pressed a button.”

 I thought, “Ok, really?”

 With all the anticipation in mind, It was obvious for me to notice some changes in me.  For example, I’m not as flexible as I used to be in my use of time and also the use of my body.  I’m not as physically strong as before, which is a wake-up call to work-out more intentionally and look after my health. Once upon a time, I was a ninja in killing flying bugs, I now  totally suck at it.  The other night I was struggling to kill a mosquito buzzing around me so I waited till it landed on my leg and then killed it…ha!.

40 is an intersection that I saw coming from a ways.  As Grace wrote in the book, a marked Intersection is that which you are able to prepare for, though you may not be able to predict how it will unfold.  Like I mentioned earlier, there were so many “signs” that showed me this intersection is coming.  This is something I’m very grateful for, the CLEAR signs.

 Now weeks after turning 40, I’m also grateful for the chance to turn this intersection into a GREAT one!  As I’m realizing more and more that each age intersection is chance to grow and align closer to one’s purpose in this life.  Something I’ve been tasting more and more as I’ve asked questions and looked for the signs.

 So if you’re faced with an age intersection big or small, I encourage you to take time to ask as many questions, and keep an eye out for the signs to navigate the changes well.

  Oh and about feeling more mature at 40, like a light-switch, it really is true.

 So what was your experience if you’ve turned 40?

Written by David Song

David Song

David Song is the Frontman of the band, Static Run and a budding Entrepreneur. He is also the co-founder of Maximize Missions, along with his wife Grace. They both live and serve their God-given dreams through YWAM out of Cape Town, South Africa.

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