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What Price Are You Willing To Pay?

I believe that one of the reasons for experiencing jetlag is the body’s way of communicating that it needs time to process the intense pace of time travel that it has gone through in a relatively short time frame.
Having just returned from a very long trip, my entire mind is going through some readjustment, while my body continues to remind me of the tedious travel hours and the intense itinerary I had in the last 3 and half weeks.

As I take time to recuperate from this international business trip, I am looking at my trip schedule right now, in order to process and understand how much rest and recovery my mind and body needs.

Here’s the summary of the 3 weeks corporate work that I did for a client while I was in Cape Town, South Africa:


  • 14 executive coaching sessions, with each one being 3 hours long per person. You do the math.
  • 1 full day of process workshop for the Senior Management team of the hotel, about 15 Managers in attendance.
  • 3 days of executive strategy session for the Top Management of the hotel, about 8 in attendance.
  • 2  days of training workshops for new staff that have recently joined the business.
  • 1 full morning “Team Effectiveness” training session for the Managers and Supervisors of the Food & Beverage department, including personality assessments and team profiling.
  • 1 full afternoon of “Team Dynamics” training for the Human Resources department, including personality assessments and team profiling.
  • 1 morning “Vision & Strategy” session with the Human Resources executive and the HR Manager to chart vision and strategy for the business.
  • 1 Final morning debrief meeting with the General Manager and Operations executive.


As i reflect on this recent trip, I feel a deep sense of  gratitude that I can do the work that I do, even though the sacrifices are huge. Fulfillment in life doesn’t always mean “easy-going.” Sometimes we dream of fulfillment as “life on a beach” while in essence, it might show up in an opposite manner.  You can work incredibly hard, with little sleep and some major sacrifices and yet feel deeply FULFILLED.

I have come to believe that living out your purpose doesn’t come without some price. When you embrace this mindset, you will experience deeper fulfillment in what you do, inspite of its demands.

We are all paying a price for something in life. It’s either the price of neglecting our dreams in exchange for status quo, safety or security or we are risking and stepping outside of our comfort zones, while paying the price of not having for example in my case – no normal sleep, long hours, etc.
The question I want to leave you with is this: What price are you currently paying in your life?
Going for your dream or ignoring it…either ways, paying a price is unavoidable.