14 Things I’ve celebrated So Far in 2014


Today, David and I are celebrating 3 years of marriage.

As a big fan of creating rituals or marking milestones,  one of things I have had on my mind lately is the practice of celebration.

Celebration is the secret key for creating and maintaining momentum in life.  We can sometimes get so bogged down with details and schedules, which makes it so easy to just go through the motion. Celebration serves to move us forward,  like the wind beneath our wings, driving us towards our life adventures.

Celebration is about Joy. The energy of joy is upward and outward, that means when you are experiencing gratitude, it is impossible to feel trapped, bogged down or heavy. You are lifted by the lightness of that energy.

One of the values that both David and I share is celebration. We celebrate each other, life and relationships as we walk the journey that we are on.

Although sometimes we do big parties, gifts and things for each other, we do not do “big” things all the time.  The core of it for us is to capture those moments of meaning and sometimes, it’s as simple as giving ourselves a pat on the back.  

In light of our anniversary, I was thinking of the things I have personally celebrated since the year started- Here’s a quick, random list of 14 things that come to mind in less than 5 minutes:

  1.  Baked Whole-wheat bread for the first time and the final product turned out right, miracle!
  2.  The other week, I got through my to-do list full of things that wasn’t fun to do, the necessary-evil-to-do list.
  3. Celebrated David’s 40th Birthday in a fun way.
  4.  I’ve enjoyed taking time to read updates from people I’m mentoring or coaching and sending them encouraging notes.
  5.  Moments this year when I looked my fear in the eye and did it anyway.
  6.  I put a new cleaning system in the kitchen so I’m not daunted by dishes.
  7. Celebrated Valentine’s day, just the two of us at home with a lovely dinner
  8. Learning new technology
  9. I  asked for a letter of endorsement from an organization and surprisingly got it.
  10. Spending joyous time with my overseas friends who are currently visiting.
  11. A great PIN Code class that kickstarted 2014 in Stellenbosch.
  12. Recently received a constructive feedback from a colleague and I was grateful for it.
  13. Found a great book title that’s speaking to me right where I’m at in my vision development
  14. Nights when David and I talk about random things like highlights of our day, when I get divine downloads or when he has a great practice session in the studio.

 Some people call what I compiled above “Gratitude List”, but not everyone can sit and make lists. Simply capturing the moment in the spirit of celebration is equally powerful.

 I realized that there are so many ways to usher joy and celebration into our lives, we don’t have to wait for the big moments.  Some of the ways to express your celebration could be as simple as taking few moments to reflect and feel the joy, or throwing parties, journaling, giving, dancing, photoshoot, newsletters, saying a prayer….there are endless ways.

 Curious, how have you celebrated big and small things lately?


Written by Grace Samson-Song

Grace Samson-Song

Grace has been curious about transitions from a very young age. She currently consults and assists people to get unstuck in the areas of life purpose and calling, career choices and personal development. She is the founder of The Maximize group and the Author of Crossing Intersections.

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