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Rejection Therapy on TED Talk – (A Must Watch)

Have you ever heard of “Rejection Therapy?”

Many of us are plagued by the fear of rejection, and it’s one of the biggest reasons why we become stuck in life. As a matter of fact, last week I wrote about 4 Things That Can Keep You Suck in a Job You Hate.

On the same day after publishing last week’s post, I came across this amazing story of a young man who quit his job at Dell just four days before his wife gave birth to their first baby. 

His main reason for quitting was to start his own Business.

You are probably cringing at the level of risk he took,  but wait to get even more surprised….

So after taking the risk, his business plan was REJECTED!

  •  Overwhelmed by this  rejection, he resolved to undertake a 100 days of Rejection Therapy to face his fears.
  • His videos have been viewed over 5 million times within weeks of starting.
  • This guy is now a You Tube Sensation and a TED Speaker.
  • He has given commencement speeches at universities and also been featured on Newsweek, CBS and several online publications.

His talk is hilarious, refreshing and empowering! Watch it now:


Written by Grace Samson-Song

Grace Samson-Song

Grace has been curious about transitions from a very young age. She currently consults and assists people to get unstuck in the areas of life purpose and calling, career choices and personal development. She is the founder of The Maximize group and the Author of Crossing Intersections.

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