Am I Being Lured or Led?

There seems to be a very thin curtain blocking us from “absolute knowing” when it comes to making choices. I could safely say that we all struggle with this from time to time.

The other day, as I was meditating at bed time on the issue of knowing whether a decision is right or if it’s something one is simply forcing to feel right, I felt the Holyspirit drop this clue in my spirit:

When you are making a decision that is in line with your divine destiny, there is a subtle, expansive feeling, a sense of flow, expansive, a nudge, a “glide” that moves you forward. It’s a divine affirmation that leads you with a jolt of joy, and sometimes this joy is so brief before your fear takes over, because our minds are so dominant. We are usually hijacked with the “what if’s”, the reasons why it’s not a great idea, or it’s not time yet e.t.c. Now you have to be very tuned in to pick up this impression in your heart because the noise from fear can be loud.

On the other hand, when one is making a decision that is out of alignment with divine design or timing, you will catch yourself “justifying” or digging for reasons to back up your decision, or unconsciously rehearsing to convince yourself (and others) that it is “right”. If you are discerning enough, you will see that you are being lured with the benefits rather than being led. What you will get out of it and why it’s the right thing for you will be a dominant feeling. In most cases, you will may not become overwhelmed by the fear of failing,  because you know that it’s something that you have “calculated” or plotted. In order words, you are very much in control and you are the one trying to push yourself in that direction.

I remember coaching a young lady over a career decision session last year. She couldn’t decide between two choices of what to study. Both looked great on paper so I asked her to talk me through the two options and I simply watched her and listened as she shared.  

I noticed that despite the fear and challenge involved in the one option, her face lit up, she expanded and her voice became electric with fire as she shared. On the other hand, when she talked about the other option, her voice dropped slightly, she looked contracted and totally in her head. She was still trying to sell it to herself. I felt her fear of the future, and the desire to secure a financial future, which was the real motivation for wanting to study the other course, not her heart desire.

I simply gave her my feedback and she knew the answer immediately…she made up her mind on the spot. That’s what I love about  these sessions with my clients, the answer is usually there, waiting to emerge from the person. I just help frame the realisation.

Now this story was not about what was right or wrong, it was simply about coming into true alignment with her choice, which is far more powerful the logic. Living in this kind of alignment is powerful and enduring. On the contrary, our compromises are our short-cuts, and we usually find ourselves running out of steam not too long after ignoring the divine nudge within.

If you find yourself struggling with a decision (career, relationship, ministry role, etc) and you cannot tell the difference in how you feel, it may be worth-while for you to share your options with someone you trust who is strong intuitively, they will be able to give you some good and honest feedback. You are also more than welcome to contact me for a options on the tools and assessments I use to help move people forward.


In closing, I want to hear your thoughts about making choices. Have you had any experience like this before? What do you think of the two distinctions? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.


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Written by Grace Samson-Song

Grace Samson-Song

Grace has been curious about transitions from a very young age. She currently consults and assists people to get unstuck in the areas of life purpose and calling, career choices and personal development. She is the founder of The Maximize group and the Author of Crossing Intersections.

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