Busan City

Lost in Translation – Transition to Busan

 My name is Frances and I am 31 years old.  I received a call on my life to fully train in missions in South Africa from 2005-2009.  During this time,  I walked very intimately with God.

He trained me to go and so, I obeyed the call to GO after me and my husband completed some counseling training also in the USA. After this time, we felt led to come to South Korea.  But it was as if the Lord was leading us into a time of difficulty after difficulty after difficulty.  I know that God takes us through seasons in life and this was definitely a winter time for me.  I was constantly crying out to God about His purpose for us here in Korea.  But I received no answers.

I only sensed “to WAIT”.

I found myself in a place where I could not speak the language, did not understand the culture and could not practise my music (I am a musician and have always practiced my music.)  Doors would just close of any opportunity to minister through music. Business partners betrayed us on so many levels, and this was after weeks of prayer and feeling led to do things for the Lord.  It was like a desert without water. No one understood me or my way of doing things.  I had to really come to a place of complete surrender and internally trying to make sense and/or searching for answers almost on a daily basis.
Every expectation in my heart was disappointed.  Every seed of faith I tried to sow was in vain.  Later I started feeling very anxious and nervous and found that I was becoming very very disengaged almost.  My passion started dying.  My heart was in pain.

I searched and searched for new work opportunities after the recent business deal became a disssappointment to both me and my husband.  So I saw a job ad in Busan city.  I prayed and seeked the Lord and felt to wait.  I prayed:  Lord Jesus, if this is for me, please keep this for me.  otherwise, take this desire away from me.

About 6 months later, the job recruiters contacted me.  God completely opened the doors and I got the teaching position instantly.  He also confirmed that we were not
to work in the recent business anymore.

Grace’s book helped me during this time to put everything that I have been passing through in the last three years, into perspective.  The chapter on SIGNS OF INTERSECTION helped me tremendously in identifying all my natural emotions and behaviours. It also helped me to know that there are others out there experiencing the same season perhaps, or same convictions/confusion, or feelings.I know now that these were hidden signs and emotions that my soul, spirit and body was experiencing.

God knew exactly what I needed. We are now living in a brand new city here and I believe this is what we should do.

Dear reader, I pray that you  will  know that God never leads us through something into nothing.  He always has a plan and purpose with everything. He looks at the greater scheme of your life and He never leaves or abandons us.