Get Ready For A Twist Of Faith

One look at the headlines both locally and globally and you will know that we are living in the days of great uncertainty. You do not need any prophetic gift to discern that our world is in a major crisis.

 The whole world is in transition. Birth pains everywhere.

 There is a sobering sense that something  is moving the hand of the cosmic clock of events. Everything is changing. Everything is shaking. We  know that things usually get hectic and intense at the 11th hour. God has been speaking to me about the number 11 for quite some time now, it is the number of urgency, 11 is the final hour before midnight. The hand of the clock is about to move to the top of the hour. What does that mean?

Many are experiencing this intense energy either through personal battles or a form of “restlessness”. Some have even described it as an oppressive pull.

 From last year, the message of transition, change and dealing with uncertainty has become center stage in my work. I wrote the book Crossing Intersections last year, out of the need to provide a tool for personal transition, and later on launched this blog – Navigating Life Transitions.

 I have been commissioned again to write another book, which digs deeper in revealing more of the spiritual dynamics of what is going on in the individual and also in the world world at large. If you have a knack for the supernatural and desire to be awakened to a new level of spiritual awareness, then this book is for you.

 A Twist of Faith – this is the title of one of the chapters in the book that I am finishing off. This book may surprise you, inspire you, upset you, challenge you, confuse you, activate you or even upgrade you spiritually. I guess you’ll have to tell me when you read it.

 In order for the message to be potent, I was allowed to go through a season of trial, testing and experiencing “uncertainty” for a period of over 70 days to date.

 I am quite relieved that the chapter is almost over, and very honoured to birth another message in the process, and trusting that it will be a tool for spiritual awakening for many who have eyes to see.

 “When something unusual happens in your life, most likely it’s because God wants to bring to your attention something unusual in your world.”

The inner is always a reflection of the outer. Your micro story is part of the macro story of of the world.

 We all need to cultivate a new skill set in navigating the days ahead, where excessive joy and excruciating pain will walk side by side, no longer one or the other.

As the days get more challenging, it is critical that we know when to “hide under the shadow of His wings”, to run to the “secret place” where we are renewed, revived and refocused and the return to take our stand in the battlefield of life. These times are crucial to ensure that we are constantly connected to the heart of God and His love for us and for the world at large.

All of life is a process reconciling all things back to God, even in the midst of the global crisis that surrounds us, His plan is still at work.

As some of you know, I have been unavailable because I’ve been writing the book. I’m thrilled to announce to you that it will be launched on 08 August as an EBOOK, ahead of the Women’s Day celebration in South Africa. It will be available worldwide too on the same day.

 If you want to be among the first 500 people that will receive a FREE E-copy before it goes on sale, please CLICK HERE to go to the my Facebook page, find the  Event for E-Book Launch and “join”. It will be a gift from me to a limited number of people for a very limited time.

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 I will be working flat out in the next 10 days to have the finalize the editing, layout and packaging so again, I apologize in advance to any communication or engagement that I’m not able to attend to. I need to get this out of the way because this is a time-sensitive project, and the chapter is begging to be closed.

Appreciate your all your support and patience.

 Talk to you soon again.