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Giving Obsessive Planning the Boots!

New year, new me.
If  you’ve  read  my  previous  post,  you  might  know  me   as  an  achiever  and  an action-driven  person.  Nevertheless, my  life  is  constantly  changing.  Some
transitions  are  obvious  and  require  a  good  preparation,  whereas  others  just
occur naturally and force us to adapt.
That’s  what  happened  to me  in  the  beginning  of  this  year  when  our  baby  girl
turned  one  and  started  to  walk. You wouldn’t believe that such a little person
would bring so many changes, but yes, it was the case.
The changes started with looking for an adequate babysitting “mode”, changing
our  work  schedule  accordingly,  and  eventually  it  affected  our  family  daily
routine and weekend planning.
But, to me, the biggest change happened inside when I decided to let go of my
crazily  neat  daily  planning.  Again,  I  learned  that  things  do  not  always  happen
the way we want them to. And it’s okay, it’s not the end of  the world. Instead,
it’s an opportunity for new adventures and growth!
So,  this  year,  the  confident  new  me  has  decided  to  relax,  invest  in  those
important  relationships,  let  go  of  what  does  not  lead  me  to  my  dreams,  and
achieve great things in the process!
As I am ending, can I just reassure you that family and kids are a blessing from
God? Although it sometimes sounds like they are a cataclysm that would bring
huge changes in your life at every stage, I believe that the gift is in the fact that
you will never be the same again. And I would not trade that for anything.

Written by Onisoa Ralambomanana

Onisoa Ralambomanana

Onisoa Ralambomanana is a missionary, a teacher and a Strengths coach from Antananarivo, Madagascar. Her heart is to empower people to discover their uniqueness and to be everything they are meant to be, bringing their contribution to the world. Married to Aina, also a missionary and teacher, she is the mother of two beautiful daughters. Worcester, South Africa is their other home because of the strong relationships and the years of training and ministry built there.

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