5 Lessons From My Refrigerator at Year End

Today is the 30th of December, and a lovely, relaxed Saturday. I was about to start cooking some food items that I recently bought, because I love eating them. But a thought intercepted my mind, with a suggestion to consider what else I have in the fridge before getting on to the newer items.

I agreed it was a good idea.

My toddler watched intently, as I removed and placed the various parts of the fridge on the floor, especially the big compartments that hold fruits, vegetables, etc. His curiousity opened up my heart to be curious about my own “inner refrigerator”.

Here are some of the lessons that arose from this simple prompt.

Lesson 1:

We tend to give a lot of attention to what is right in front of us, forgetting what we have in storage. For instance, the tendency to connect with the people you see, forgetting to reach out to those who are equally important to you, but out of sight. We may also focus on some of our talents and gifts that are easier, forgetting to keep cultivating the other ones we have.

Every now and then, pause and remember what you have and who you have in your life. You are richer than you know.

Back to The Fridge – As I started the cleaning, I was cleaning in segments, so that I can notice the progress. I started from the top and worked my way down to the more difficult to reach parts.

Lesson 2:

If you want to reset your life, consider starting from the noticeable areas, and then move towards the hidden and obscure parts of your life. The generated momentum from the simple and obvious will serve to deal with the rigorous parts of letting go and clearing, cleansing and renewing the mind/soul.

Back to The Fridge – Some parts of the refrigerator could be wiped easily, and restored, while others I needed to remove completely because there were stains and dirt in difficult-to-reach parts. I needed to take time to scrub them individually for a satisfactory clean.

Lesson 3:

The older, deeper and hidden the stain or junk, you may find that it just doesn’t go away with a swipe. Some painful junk do not remove easily, but with a bit more time and spiritual attention, you will understand why as you allow the Holy Spirit to cleanse and heal. Maybe it requires more resources than you have, then reach out for help. If so, take your time to choose the appropriate tool necessary, which may require a bit more thoroughness and cleansing.

Back to The Fridge – Some items I examined, wiped and replaced in a neat, orderly way. Some things were too old and unusable. I was like, how come we forgot to use this? I let them go straight to the trash.

Lesson 4:

Even though we have the best intentions, we are still being human and sometimes things tend to slip our minds and fall through the cracks. That is why year-end rituals and reflections are necessary, so that we can take stock and regain lost grounds or priorities.

Take some time to review and reorder your priorities and essential commitments in your life. The outdated things that we are holding on to need to be thrown out.

Back to The Fridge – Some items I pulled out seemed good, but not for long. I decided we need to use them ASAP. Actually, at some point I literally sat and ate some remaining honeydew from last night. I also planned the meals for the next few days around the items that needed to be finished.

Lesson 5:

Give some attention to your unfinished business. Anything unattended to tends to move towards death and decay.

In closing,

From Personality point of view, I celebrate efficiency in how fast I can get a meal done, etc. But for the soul, efficiency is how well one can slow down and tune into the subtle invitations to attend to the garden of the heart. The soul needs processing and tending through rituals such as reflection, prayer, re-ordering and releasing in order to be at it’s best.

Few minutes after I wrote the segment about the Soul needing Slow, a line comes up in the song my toddler is listening to:

“Sometimes slow is the way to go,

Some things are better done slow…”

I smiled, because I am the adult that needed that toddler song at this time of the year.

 The joy of restoration is amazing! You and I are designed to function in an optimal, healthy, uncluttered state. Getting back to order is deeply rejuvenating…and nourishing.