Coming Full Circle – A story of Synchronicity

I have always been drawn to connectedness. I love the idea of synchronicity.

In my Strength Finders test, connectedness was my number 1 score out of my top 5 signature strengths.

Something in me glows when two unlikely ideas or events collide unexpectedly. I even keep a journal where I write down some of these fun things.

Yesterday, I was clearing clutter in my cupboard. It was time to clean up this part of my life. Being a neurotic networker, I have collected thousands of business cards over the past 10 years. I felt I needed to make room for new connections and relationships, as I’m aware that God is bringing me, and us as a family into a new season. Letting go is part of embracing the new.

So, I decided to start sorting through them, a bit at a time. I went through 111 of them yesterday.

I wanted to “remember” the divine connections, and the dead-ends, so to speak. Some cards I could barely remember where I got them from, while some triggered clear memories, causing me to remember even some of the words exchanged in conversation. How interesting is that?

Anyway, the impression that trumped all the cards i was sorting out was from a PR lady who worked at a world leading hotel, way back in 2006.

I was the speaker at the Public Relations Institute of South Africa (PRISA) event that evening. After my talk, she came up to me and gave me her card and said she would like invite me to come and motivate their staff at her place of work. I remember vividly where we were standing, how i felt, and the excitement. The brand she was representing was a strong one, and one that i thought was captivating. I couldn’t wait to go and speak there.

For some reason, I never heard back from her.

Now this was about 10 years ago when I was still the PR person for a media company. Years of transition have passed and since then, I’ve established MAXIMIZE as a training and coaching company.

Maximize is in partnership with a wonderful lady who is also a networker on steroids. I come alongside her as a training partner for her initiatives. Last year, she introduced me to one of her clients who had some training needs.

Fast-forward to this day in 2016…In a little over 2 weeks, I will be offering a massive training campaign on “personal branding” to this client, who happens to be a hotel in Cape Town. I will be facilitating a workshop for the Executives, followed by a training program for 120 of its staff this year, and a few hundred more staff next year. I have been preparing for this for a few months now….

Now, back to me sitting on the floor, in that moment that i pulled out that business card from 2006… Suddenly, I realized it’s the same hotel! 

What are the odds that I would only came across this card at a time such as this? I have not seen that card or thought about the conversation until NOW! How intriguing is this?

It felt like it was meant to be.

I’m sure that you would agree that it is usually the case for many that when you are in transition or at the cusp of doing something major, you are more open to receiving than at other times. You know why?

It’s because subconsciously we look for clues to assure us that we are headed in the right direction. 

Then these “confirmations” or stories show up for you.

This is what Synchronicities or divine alignments bring to us…

…A sense of confirmation that you are on the right path.

…Giving you that warm feeling that things are falling into place.

…A nudge to keep you going in the direction that you are headed.

When that happens,

It’s like a divine “wink.”

As though heaven smiled at you.

I’ll like to encourage you to get into the habit of noticing the connections in your life, because it amplifies the manifestation of miracles that may go unnoticed.

I’m sure this lady has long moved on from that company, but the impact of our meeting means more to me now, than when we met. Sometimes we meet people and things don’t work out right away.

Trust and let go.

Timing is everything.

Do not let disappointment or doubt dissolve your sense of hope.

Trust that in all things, God works out everything for the good of those who love Him.

Do you have stories like this to share?

Let’s label those miracles by sharing them…I’d love to hear a few…