Will You Make That Leap?

2016 is a Leap Year.

A Leap Year occurs to align the calendar with the movement of the earth around the sun. A day is added every four years for the calendar to catch up with the earth, so to speak.

As things in the natural usually mirror the spiritual, thank God for spiritual Leap Years. I believe these are special seasons to regain lost ground.

Sometimes life gets us off-center, a bit off the mark from all the wobbles and tumbles we go through.

Or if you sense you are not quite where you need to be in life, now is the time to choose alignment. 

A Leap Year is about Realignment. 

 It is an opportunity to Recalibrate.

A time to Catch up.

Every now and then, life requires us to make a leap. I experienced something profound and i would like to share briefly…

A dear friend and i decided to embark on a 40-day prayer and fasting at the beginning of the year, to see some miracles manifest in our lives and families. We journaled every day and wrote each other(I will write a whole blog on this soon).

Yesterday was the last day of the 40 days and as I was meditating in the shower, i realized it is the day before the “29 Feb Leap” date, which this blog is about. I felt it was significant as I would finish praying and fasting just before the “symbolic” leap. I decided to write a “Leap Letter” to God in my journal, telling Him I am ready to make the leap.

You will not believe it, I was in bed and the lights were out and I received a call from my friend, she had in her hands the “miracle” that we were contending for, my miracle showed up at the very last minute!!!

Perhaps it is your season to catch up on your neglected vision or dreams.

…to catch up on those rusty relationships.

…to catch up on your spiritual diet, and all those books you’ve wanted to read.

…to catch up on your travel.  Learn a new skill. Take a fresh risk.

 A Leap Year is also about Transition,  as the definition of  Leap implies.

It means:

– To change quickly or abruptly from one condition or subject to another.

– An abrupt or precipitous passage, shift, or transition.

– A great and sudden change, increase, or improvement.

Does this sound like something you are ready for?


Let me share another personal experience with you.

The last three leap years I can recall were 2004, 2008 and 2012. All of them were very potent in my life…

In 2004, I got the opportunity to take my first international trip out of Africa, and I had the most amazing time visiting places and meeting new people in Europe.

In 2008, I made a big leap by leaving my then job with a media company to pursue new areas of growth in Events and Conferencing. This took me to many places, sharing the stage with key world leaders and I learned so much about being assertive in this season.

In 2012, I launched a powerful coaching program called The PIN Code. This course is designed to help those in transition. The course took off like wild fire, saw amazing breakthroughs in many lives from  all sectors of society.

With 2016 here, I sense another massive leap for me. I am in the process of taking a giant leap of faith. It’s bigger than all the previous ones, as it will require a lot more faith, but I’m excited and just waiting for the gunshot!

So let me ask you…

Taking advantage of this Leap Year, what will a leap look like for you?

  • Changing jobs?
  • Relocating?
  • Courage to pursue your lifelong dream?
  • Walking away from a toxic environment?
  • Quitting that unhealthy habit?
  • Ending dysfunctional relationships?
  • Commitment to financial growth?
  • Overcoming negative thinking?
  • Putting yourself out there to find love?
  • Knocking on new doors of opportunity?

If so, allow me to inject some gasoline to your dreams and desires.

Those small steps you have been taking are about to turn into a giant leap.

No more leaping in the dark, because your path is being lit up.

Enough of looking around, now is the time to leap forward.

It’s time to wean yourself from all those well-rehearsed excuses and take that leap of faith.

Leap over the wall of fear and lean into the words of faith spoken over you.

As the month of March approaches, may you not only march forward, but make a quantum leap – in your confidence, in your choices and in your calling.

May you experience a fast-tracking of your spiritual development.

May clear career pathways open for you.

May your passion grow in leaps and bounds.

May you leap for joy as your miracles unfold.

May you be inspired to take giant leaps forward into your destiny.

Maybe your BIG LEAP is to simply flip your unknown into a great sense of adventure?

In any case,

Make the Big Leap.