Full Moon meditation: Time to Force Quit

With the rare tetrad of four bloodmoons happening one after another in the span of less than two years, I’m sure by now you have been inundated with calculations and news about the end of the world. Let’s not even go there, that’s not my point for this note.

This month’s full moon is the final one, it is also a super moon and a blood moon. I am fascinated.

I personally love tracking with various full moons when they occur, not because of occultism but because it inspires me to look at my life and circumstances, to evaluate what has come full circle, and to pray. Yes, i usually utter prayers when i’m looking at the large celestial ball in the sky whenever it makes an appearance.  The wonder of it compels me to want to make the moment meaningful and memorable.

As i let my mind absorb this phenomenon, I feel in my spirit that there are some  (including myself) that have been held back by a chain of events, nothing you have done or not done justifies. You have prayed, pushed and even hammered but still, the situation has remained unsolvable.

Sometimes, yet again, one needs to command these things to “end” just like the function “force quit” on the apple computer.

I feel it is time to FORCE QUIT the programs that are not serving you.

It’s time to FORCE QUIT that which keeps CRASHING on you, keeping you STUCK.

It’s time to FORCE QUIT the relationships that are no longer serving to bring fruitfulness in your life purpose,

It’s time to FORCE QUIT the paradigms that are no longer working.

It’s time to FORCE QUIT the spirit of activity without productivity.

It’s time to FORCE QUIT small thinking.

It’s time to FORCE QUIT fear of man.

” From the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven has suffered violence, and the violent take it by force.” – Matt 11:12

With September ending, and the final bloodmoon taking place, i want to invite you to prophetically tap into the “energy of endings” and declare:

– No more drama

– No more delays

– No more pain

– No more confusion

– No more uncertainty

– No more disappointments

– No more going around the same mountain

– No more manipulation

– No More insecurity

– No more procrastination

– No more accusations

What other “No More’s” do you want to add here? What will you FORCE QUIT?