The Old is Crumbling, The New is Crowning

The earth is full of patterns and cycles. Just take time to observe creation and you will be blown away by how everything is imprinted with patterns and cycles.

For our survival on the planet, the earth constantly revolves around the sun and rotates at its axis. As it orbits around the sun, we experience the four seasons. We also experience the 24 hour cycle as it rotates daily.

There are also cycles all around us. Our human body goes through the cycle of sleep and awakening along with the earth. We also need the cycle of breathing  in order to remain alive. This cycle of inhalation and exhalation begins at birth and is continues till death. The earth also renews itself through cycles of life, death and rebirth in the animal and plant kingdoms.

 It is a daily reminder for us to know that everything is in a constant state of change. Contrary to logic where we associate continuity with a straight line, Cycles are the essential force for the continuity of life.

The secret to growth and development is to align with the continuous cycle of change. When we fail to  cooperate with the patterns and cycles of life, the result is death.

I am particularly reminded of the different seasons of the soul as we experience the current changes in seasons. Here in the Southern Hemisphere, we are transitioning into Spring while in the Northern Hemisphere, things are turning crisp and chilled.

With the arrival of September, the season of rebirth has come. There’s no doubt the whole world is changing, no matter what part of the hemisphere you call home. Either from winter to Spring or from Summer to Autumn. Change is everywhere. Not only are we experiencing the change of seasons, I believe we are also going through a massive spiritual transition as humanity.

Our souls are also designed to honour the cycles –  expansion and contraction,  joy and pain, darkness and light. When we refuse to engage these rhythms in our spiritual development, we lose our way.  We become stiff, frozen and sterile in the spirit.

When I look around me, this is the pattern that I see today on a personal level and on a global scale: The old is crumbling and the new is crowning.

This  word was given to me recently: “There is an opening in the birth canal.”

September is the 9th month of the year, and 9 months represents time for “birthing.” In my latest book, (The Woman and the Dragon – from page 100, and you can still download a free copy for a limited time), I wrote some in-depth revelations about the significance of the number 9. Interesting enough, I wrote the book when i was in a time of confinement, a time I describe as a spiritual birth canal. After I was released, I discovered that It took me of total of 9 weeks of staying confinement, which symbolizes the power of the number 9, the fullness of time. Very interesting to see that after passing through the season of confinement, the gates of new opportunities have flung wide open for me! I feel like it was an “oil-change” for something new.

In Latin, the word for the number 9 is novus, which means new.

“For the new to come, the old has to go.”

The earth is in a spiritual birth canal at the moment. It’s time for a radical upgrade. You will notice that the old ways of doing things are suddenly not working. The relationships you used to rely on will turn fragile or fractured. The old systems will  suffocate you. It’s time for a quantum leap.

You can choose to fight with this unstoppable transition as it happens or you can simply surrender to the process.

Are you prepared to shift into the new season?

It may seem scary to surrender and enter into the dark, mysterious birth canal of confinement or allow yourself to experience the extreme stretching of your spiritual muscles as you are propelled towards the new place.

When you align with God’s process, you will eventually come out at the other side no matter how long it takes. After navigating the transition through the birth canal, you will find yourself in a spacious place where your soul will soar and spread out to higher realms. You will never remain the same.  Are you ready for the new?

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