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Go With the Flow or Fall Apart

There has been a rising tide of change and turbulence both in the spirit and in the natural. Many are experiencing this on a personal level and as a collective.

There is a growing discontent with careers, jobs and decisions. Many are sensing that there has to be more. This is a sign of spiritual awakening.

You are hearing a call from the deep, as your soul knows your capacity and full potential. God intentionally designed and empowered you with a certain measure of strength and passion for your destiny, which is the path that you are meant to walk.

Due to a lack of discernment or dullness of hearing, many of us are on paths that are not quite right for our soul’s design. Some are very close to the path, but not quite on it. In this case, you experience some fulfillment, mixed with a sense of vagueness.

God is busy realigning destinies, where many are sensing some “dead-ends”, the feeling of coming to the end of the road. Do not be afraid. You are right where God wants you to be.

In the recent past, I have been seeing the number 11. First I thought it was coincidence, but when the frequency increased, I started paying attention. About 2 weeks ago, I saw the number again and started meditating on it asking God for insight.

God impressed on my heart that 11 represents a “doorway”. It is also the number of urgency, the eleventh hour. Now this is not some hype about “Jesus is coming soon,” but the urgency that many are feeling in their spirit. God is inviting individuals and the collective to walk through the door. This is the door to the new, the place where you are meant to be.

In the same week, I was in a meeting with a prophetic lady who was sharing about the 12 gates and what the 11th gate represented. She said there is an urgency in the spirit, the 11th hour is the window of time that God is inviting his people to be re-positioned. I immediately understood why I have been seeing the number, and why I have been urgently tasked with the ministry of “navigating life transitions”, why I wrote the book “Crossing Intersections” and why The PIN Code was born –  a transition program that assists people to decode destiny during  times of change.

How will you know that God wants to re-direct your path?

There will be turbulence when this alignment begins. Some will experience intense emotions, or overwhelming fear. It may also be some form of crisis in the physical – legal, relational, location,  financial, mechanical, health, etc.

Do not give in to the fear, for you will only be weakened. The strong emotions are the indicators of the level of the process of what is happening in your spirit. Focus on the transition, not on the fears. If you focus on your fears, you will drown.

There is a river, it is the river of God. This river is going to sweep you off your feet and take you to where you need to be. It is going to be scary in some instances. Going with the flow is not easy, but the best antidote is staying in a surrendered state.

As you surrender, you will find yourself letting go of things that are no longer appropriate in your life. You will find yourself being drawn to your higher, authentic values.

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the LORD.

It’s time to go higher, which means your feet will lift off the ground. The river will carry you. However, if you resist, you will eventually fall apart.

Are you experiencing any shift in the spirit? I would love to know.